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Scripting Class Level 1 Class 7

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1 Scripting Class Level 1 Class 7 on Fri Jul 29, 2011 5:41 am

Welcome to the Final Class of
Script-School Level 1.
Congratulations on sticking
with the scripting program.

Today you get your final project.
You have one week to finish this project,
and turn it in.

Dont panic.. this is not as hard
as it looks... this course has
covered all of this material,
and we are here to help you with this.

Realize.. you never know how much
you can do.. until you are challenged.

Lets take a look at the assignment now.

Final Project Overview:

Build an Away System, that records
messages when your set away. You must
use your popups to control all functions
of the away system. The final project
must all be on one ini file (script).

The script, WHEN SET AWAY via popup,
must do the following.

a) echo to channel you are set away,
b) set titlebar to show your away
c) set you away, with a reason
d) send ONE msg to the channel saying your away
e) turn on the AWAY Group.

The Script, WHEN SET BACK via popup,
must do the following.

a) echo to the channel you are set back,
b) set your titlebar to show your are set back,
c) 10 seconds after your titlebar indicates
that your back, the titlebar needs to change
to "Scripting is GREAT Fun!"
d) set you back (not away)
e) send ONE msg to the channel stating you are back
f) turn off the AWAY Group.
g) brings up the notepad, with the away.txt

The Remote, when its AWAY group is ON,
and someone sends a msg .. must do the following.

a) notice the person that you are away
and to leave a message.
b) write to away.txt the date, time, nick, and full msg

The Popups, (channel popups) must
have three parts under the main menu AWAY.

The three parts are, Set Away, Set Back
and Read Msgs. Set Away and Set back
must trigger two alias. Those alias
are GONE and BACK. Make the alias's
multi-line aliases by using brackets.12{ }

Now.. dont panic...

I know this is a big assignment..

IF you think you can do this assignment
at this time, without any additional help,

You can leave the class at this time, and
we will expect a exmple of your output.

If you think you need a little more help,
take a break, and in 5 minutes I will help
get you started with this project.

Now, lets take a look at what
each section must do. Once you break
it down, its not so hard Smile

Final Project Parts Breakdown:

Channel Popup:
-sub levels-
Set Away - triggers alias GONE
Set Back - triggers alias BACK
Read Msgs - brings up notepad,
displaying away.txt

GONE alias:
1. Sets your away reason to a variable.
2. Sets you away, with a reason.
3. Sets your titlebar to reflect away status.
4. Echos to active channel "You are marked away".
5. Sends ONE (only one) message to channel
stating that you are away.
6. Enables group #AWAY

BACK Alias:
1. Sets you back (not away)
2. Sets your titlebar to state you are back
3. 10 seconds after your titlebar indicates
that your back, the titlebar needs to change
to "Scripting is GREAT Fun!"
4. Echos to channel "You are marked back".
5. Sends ONE (only one) message to the channel
stating that you are back.
6. Disables group #AWAY
7. Brings up notepad displaying away.txt

NOTE: Please make all alias, multi line alias


1. Controlled via group #AWAY
2. Triggered by any TEXT sent as a message.
(only triggered when on)
3. Writes to away.txt

Away Txt must show:
a. Time and date of msg
b. nick of person sending msg
c. the full message
4. When you are set away, and someone messages
the person messaged is sent a notice telling
then that you are away, and to leave a message.
( /notice $nick blah blah blah )

operators will be here to assist in the
channel often if you have any questions..

When you have finished this assignment please
contact one of the operators.

Good luck and remember... YOU CAN DO IT

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