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Scripting Class Level 1 Class 6

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1 Scripting Class Level 1 Class 6 on Fri Jul 29, 2011 5:21 am

Hello and welcome to Script-School
Level One, Class Six. Please make
sure you are logging this class.
( /log on )

Today we will be creating an away script
that will allow you to set away with a
click of a popup, and set back with
a click of a popup Smile

All of this will go in your Remote,
like a normal script.

At this time we ask that you please
make sure you are using a new remote,
so as to not have any conflicts.

Unload all other remotes. To unload
a remote you must have the remotes
open. Then choose file...then unload.

Do this for all remotes you have loaded.
Now go to new under the file menu while
having the remotes open. NOTE: be sure
to click on the remote tab after unloading
all of your remotes, before choosing new.

First.. lets build the Popup Part.

We want the popup to be in the channel,
and the popups will trigger the alias's.

Place this in your remote.

menu channel {
.Set Away:gone
.Set Back:back

Please check to see that you do
have the new Away popup in your
channel popup, and it has both options.

If you dont see it, please tell me at this time.
We will also take a 5 min break at this time.
I will open the class for questions concerning
the material we have covered thus far.

Ok.. now.. when you set away,
you trigger the alias "Gone",
so lets write that alias.

Place this in the remote also.

Alias Gone {
set %away.reason $$?="Away Reason"
away %away.reason $time
echo 4 -a $time You have been marked away!
titlebar You are marked away! $fulldate
.timer.away 0 300 echo 4 -a You are marked Away

Ok.. lets look at what this does...

Line 1 - sets the reason your way to a variable.

Line 2 - sets you away, using the variable and time.

Line 3 - echos that you are set away.

Line 4 - sets your titlebar & reminds you - your away

Line 5 - set a timer for every 5 minutes to tell you
your still set Away!

now.. lets build the next part..
Place this in your remote as well.

Alias Back {
echo 4 -a You are set BACK!
titlebar You are set BACK!
.timer.away off
.timer.titlebar 1 10 titlebar Scripting is Fun!

Once again.. lets take a look at this line by line.

Line 1 - echos that you are back

Line 2 - changes titlebar

Line 3 - Turns off the timer set in the alias Gone

Line 4 - sets a timer to change your titlebar after 10 seconds.

Test your away script by setting yourself away.
To replace the aliases we removed at the start
of this class, while in the remote section, click
File...then load. Choose the remote you wish to
load from the list.

That is it for todays class. Be sure to be here
next week as you will be getting your final project.
I will now open the class to questions, if you have
no questions I will see you next week.

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